Goals for OnlineMarketer

It seems appropriate to start this blog where every marketer should start any project: the goals.

  1. Learn – This project forces me to devote (extra) time to research online marketing, coalesce my thoughts, develop theories and reflect on communication techniques.
  2. Explain – The blog allows me to dispel myths, spark conversation, and simplify an aspect of an increasingly complicated world.
  3. Network – I hope to build and foster a network of bright individuals who can test ideas, give/take advice, and increase our collective knowledge in this forum.

I promise to facilitate by providing timely and frequent posts. But the success of this blog or any blog is reliant on the readers. I would ask you to comment and engage. This will be a learning-positive environment where all are welcome.

The walls of traditional marketing are breaking down. In a very real sense, anyone can be an online marketer and most will have to be online marketers – it is simply a function of the times. Together, we’ll make it both fun and easy.