I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I would like to thank Noemi and the folks at the Bloggy Awards for their kind article about OnlineMarketer. Their constructive criticism is well-taken. Sometimes I spend so much time generating content for the blog that I forget simple lay-out items. Watch for (some) changes in the coming days, mostly focused on easing navigation and removing clutter.

Finally, thanks for this: "Online Marketer is a rather enjoyable read. Despite the 'seriousness' of the blog’s theme, the writer manages to present his ideas in a light and engaging manner... Just for the simple way of presenting marketing ideas, Online Marketer deserves to be hailed." This has been my goal from the start: to impress upon readers the need to be online marketers and helping to simplify the task. It's all about communication and relationships.

So thanks again! If you have constructive criticism or have suggestions for upcoming posts, feel free to write me at ireallylikerobots [at] gmail [dot] com. The popular three-part series about successful holiday solicitation emails originated from a reader just like you.

And just two last things: remember to forward articles that you like to friends and co-workers and also subscribe. And thanks for reading!