Special Message: Chellie Pingree

I have tried to make this blog in no way personal. I have made extreme efforts for it to avoid my former bastion, the realm of politics. It is only on this rare occasion that I write this special post. I hope you read it and consider it carefully. Chellie Pingree was my boss as president of a national, non-partisan advocacy organization in Washington, DC. Originally founded by a Republican, and supported over the years by politicians of every stripe (including Dem. Russ Feingold and Rep. John McCain), Common Cause has been the citizen's lobby for over 30 years. And under Chellie's leadership, we expanded from the traditional topics of campaign finance reform and electoral ethics to also include media consolidation and making sure every vote is counted with new voting machines. These were issues that effected all Americans.

Now, Chellie is running for Congress and she's got a real shot at winning. And I have to tell you, I cannot think of a better person to have in the Congress. Chellie is without a doubt one of the best, and most ethical, leaders I have ever met.

I encourage you to visit her website, join the Facebook or MySpace group, and, if you can, help her campaign financially. You don't have to live in her district in Maine to support her; after all, when she is in Congress, she will do the right thing for the country, not just her district. Please read up on her life, her work, and her beliefs. Regardless of party, we want good people in Congress who will make the right decisions when the going gets tough. And Chellie is that kind of person.

I've taken myself out of politics but I can't get politics out of me. Regardless of your party affiliation, I trust you won't think less of my blogging efforts. A big part of marketing is communicating what you believe is important about the subject to the audience. I hope I have done that today.