April Giveaway: Free eNewsletter Help

In this sixth full month of the OnlineMarketerBlog, I am presenting my first contest. During April, I am auctioning off enewsletter content and strategy assistance for the winning company or organization - all completely gratis. I will review the company's last few online communications, their website, their mission, and their current communications strategy. I will then present whatever I think will best promote the company and communicate their story to their members or customers - probably along the lines of 1-2 emails they can use and a write-up of the corresponding strategy.

If you're interested, email me at ireallylikerobots [at] gmail [dot] com. I will need the URL of your business and a brief description of your online efforts thus far. The deadline for entering the contest is Tuesday, April 15.

Judging the winner will be highly subjective, but I will take several factors into account, including mission (doing good for the world: good; corrupting America's youth: bad), need (non-profits over multi-national corporations), and friendliness. The content and strategy I write will be yours to use or not use as you choose. Everything will be free, with no strings attached. All I require is that I be allowed to write about the process. (Note: I have no problem "blinding" your company if you desire, but I will need to roughly describe it, at least.)

I will work on your enewsletter and strategy during the last half of April. I intend to deliver the final product in early May. (The work will occur during my nights and weekends, so please be a little flexible.)

You know my history with online communications from my About page, as well as recent posts about Threadless and Moosejaw. I know my stuff and I'm excited to put it to work for your company. Email me and let me know how I can help. Let's have some fun!

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