Marketing Whitepapers

I read voraciously for this blog and for my day job. One of the best resources for marketing or blogging advice is white papers. White papers give you a comprehensive view of one particular topic or problem/solution that you can read in the length of your morning commute. I have been blogging a lot on the ROI of social media lately, and Chris Brogan's new white paper summed up a lot of my related thoughts to trust economics. (I only wish I'd read it before I had written those posts...ah well, I'll cite it sometime in the future.)

Chris nails it in ten short pages. That's useful to any busy blogger or marketer.

Copyblogger has a lot of great resources, including this white paper on viral marketing. Search the site for more. And I just found a great white paper on personal branding by My Creative Team.

What are some white papers that have helped you? Share the links in the comments below. Also, what are some white papers you would like to see? I'm thinking about writing a white paper in the next few weeks, so suggestions are welcome.

If/when I do write that white paper, I will give advance copies to my subscribers before the general public. Subscribe via the RSS readers listed to the right or by email so you don't miss out.

I look forward to hearing about the white papers that have helped you the most!

Update: I released my first white paper and you can download it here: Writing Content in a Web 2.0 World

Do let me know what you think!