You Might Be A Marketing Blogger If...

I find that marketers and bloggers are usually funny people and I was thinking about all of the ways we're just a tad different than other folks. So, without any delay, and in a Jeff Foxworthy-esque voice, I present: "You might be a marketing blogger if..."

  • You go through life wishing you could A/B test your own conversation. At the singles bar: "If I would have said 'Hey babe' instead of 'Hello,' could I have improved the response..."
  • You can decipher this sentence: FYI - I'll get the ROI on the KOLs before COB.
  • You save all of the direct mail that comes to the house "just to see what the old guys are up to."
  • Your wife asks if this dress makes her look fat and your first thought is "I'm gonna need some market research before I say anything."
  • You can sound off on the pros and cons of FriendFeed versus Netvibes for hours, but when someone asks your opinion of the weather, you are at a loss for words.
  • You go to a party and overhear a couple talking about who will win - the stodgy, decades-older scrapper versus the shiny, new kid on the block. You suspect they are discussing Microsoft and Google and are let down when you realize it is a Hillary-Obama conversation
  • You've honestly considered a Wordpress tattoo.
  • Your cousins used to ask you to come over to program their VCR. Now they need your help setting up an RSS feed.

Did I miss any? Feel free to leave additional replies to "You might be a marketing blogger if..." in the comments section. (And feel free to Stumble this article if you like it.)