Make Money Writing A Blog - Guaranteed!

Courtesy of jbhill via Flickr Please forgive the link-bait title. But I do have a guaranteed way for you to make money from your blog. (Do I sound like a huckster yet? Stay with me.)

Gather 'round, kiddies, because this could change your life. And this secret is free.

The secret to making money through your blog is: Be Amazing.

Surprised? The inconvenient truth of the internet is that it works the same way as the real world. In order to make money, you have to work hard and be good at what you do. The pyramid schemes are bunk and no one gets rich quick.

Believe me? You should. And if you do, I have just freed you from the shackles of mediocrity. Can I hear an AMEN?!

Mitch Joel runs a blog and a weekly podcast, both entitled Six Pixels of Separation. Here's what he says in SPOS #108:

"Everybody wants to know: How do you make money in this stuff [roughly, the online channel]? ...It was really cool to see David [Usher] and Michael McCardy [from EMI] really take a different stance. And they were like, 'You know what, guys? If you create something really amazing, whether its music...or products or services, people are gonna notice. These channels are gonna enable you to spread these messages far and wide. And because they will, you're going to get more sales than you could ever imagine possible.'"

In other words, don't blame the microphone if you have nothing to say. Mitch goes on to explain his reaction:

"And I sort of sat there and smiled and thought okay. ...I really had that moment where I was like, it's true. Everybody who's going into these networks, everybody who's getting online, everybody's trying this next generation of word-of-mouth marketing and is trying to slam it down people's throats...and are complaining 'How come it doesn't work?' don't realize the power in actually creating something that's so compelling that these channels only amplify and push the volume of it out there...It's so simple, right? Be amazing. Be awesome."

The old way of marketing is dead. If you try to do old marketing through new marketing channels, you will fail. Screaming louder than the next guy does not get you noticed anymore - it gets you hoarse (and disliked, frankly).

So I can't make money writing a blog?

Woah, I didn't say that. But there is only one guaranteed way. Whether you sell ad space on your site, use a subscription model, or just want to show expertise so you can be hired as a consultant, you still must be amazing at what you do.

Um, so how do I become amazing?

That's your responsibility. But here's some good news: there is enough room on the internet for everyone. Someone else out there wants to read your thoughts on hentai, Guatemalan coffee, Persian rugs, or religious texts. And they might actually pay for it.

My advice is to get writing and start promoting yourself (hey, reading this blog helps!). If you are awesome, people will find you; if you aren't awesome, you would not want people finding you anyway.

Why write a post like this?

Is it necessary? My short answer is yes, definitely. Why?

I get a dozen followers on my Twitter page every day who only post about their product. Comments show up on my blog touting the next big thing that has nothing to do with the subject of the post. People buy books and read blogs and join affiliate programs every single day in hopes of striking it rich.

It ain't gonna happen. You're no Zuckerberg, baby. (And even he had to work really, really hard.)

Yet, the collective whine from marketers is deafening. "Why didn't social networking solve all my problems?" Because you were never social on your networks. "Why didn't these so-called friends buy my product?" Because you didn't take time to build an actual network (or your product sucks, either way).

The Gist

Be a hedgehog. Figure out what you can be the best at and go be amazing. Then write a blog about it.

Business blogs are usually a cure for insomnia, but you've read all the way to the end of this post. If I can do it, you surely can too. Do what you are good at and love, and there is an audience out there for you. I guarantee it.

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