Featured on ReadWriteWeb: 5 Ways to Sell Social Media to Your Boss

As I mentioned on Monday, I'm f*cking sick of the ROI in web 2.0 discussion. Today, I'd like to share five ways to convince your boss of the merits of social media and web 2.0 tools.

You can read my full post at ReadWriteWeb: 5 Ways to Sell Social Media to Your Boss

Your Responsibility

Seth Godin says it's not because your boss is stupid. It's not that your boss is ignorant of Facebook, but that they know the 30-second spot. Seth says that the best way of changing the world is to open the close-minded and you do that by presenting more data in a palatable way. It's your job to teach your boss about web 2.0 tools.

Here are some suggestions for ways other companies have used social media tools. Consider how these could apply to your business. Be creative and don't think about what you could do - think about what your customers want. Then determine which social media tools can help you deliver what they want.

Ways To Sell Social Media Tools To Your Boss

I outline five ways that you can sell social media to your boss. (This is just a brief outline - go to ReadWriteWeb for the full article.)

  1. Keeping up with the Joneses
  2. Listening (customer/market research)
  3. Responding
  4. Talking to actual customers
  5. Long-term focus

Moving Away From Push Marketing

In most instances, when marketers talk about measurement or ROI of social media, they are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. You can’t apply a Web 1.0 gestalt in a world where the audience cannot only respond, but can also generate more content than any single company.

Instead of measuring how well we are pushing our message onto potential customers, we should instead gauge our success on the number of conversations listened to, problems resolved, and useful suggestions received from the community of customers we already have.

Your challenge is bringing your boss around to this worldview. And it is a worldview, not just some notion. It changes the way you interact with the world, so it's no small task. Likewise, it's a big job, so you'd better get cracking right now.

The Real ROI of Social Media

Marketers seem obsessed with assigning value to interactions on social media sites. Don't get me wrong - we all need to justify our work. But real success comes when you value the interaction itself.

Have you sold your boss on social media tools already? How did you accomplish that? Please leave suggestions in the comments section below. And if you haven't already, subscribe so you don't miss out on future posts.

(And special thanks to ReadWriteWeb for allowing me to guest post. They are one of the premier websites for tech and social media, so I truly appreciate the opportunity.)


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