One Year of OnlineMarketerBlog

I'm happy to report that OnlineMarketerBlog recently turned one year old.

In the interest of current and future bloggers, I thought I'd share the milestones from this first year. I hope you exceed them with your own blog.

  • Total word count: 65,369
  • Average post length is 600 words (599.71, to be exact)
  • Longest post was 9 eNewsletter Improvements You Cannot Forget (1,422 words) and the shortest was Wordle (15 words)
  • 109 posts in one year, a little over 2 posts/week
  • 443 comments, averaging 3.97/post
  • 26,473 visits - (I got a slow start, but now reach about 900-1K visitors/week.)

I admit the growth of this blog has been modest. But I'm less interested in traffic than I am in how much I've learned and how much readers have learned from this larger community. I have been supremely rewarded by the input from you - the college students, the marketing experts, the small business owners, and others who have visited and commented during this first year.

I have taken in $0. The ads currently up on the site have only been in place for a month or two - none of whom have brought in a check thus far. This is a labor of love that starts every morning at 4:45am. I hope you've found some value in it.

My first post outlined the goals for OnlineMarketerBlog. Personally, I've gotten to learn a lot, express my views, and meet other marketers in this space. The personal connections the blog has facilitated is easily the most rewarding aspect.


First, I would like to thank BG (Beautiful Girl). Without her support, I probably would have abandoned the blog early on. The hours that I spend writing this blog are hours that I don't spend with her and the dogs - it is time away from my family. But she not only understands, but moreover encourages me in this work and helps me flesh out ideas. For this I am truly grateful.

And finally, I'd like to take a moment to thank you, the reader. I know some of you visit on a weekly basis, or read the feeds every time. Please know that it doesn't go unnoticed. Thanks for your vigilance, your comments, and your additions to the greater community.

I'm glad we've had a year to learn from one another - here to many years to come!


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(Image courtesy of *superhoop* via Flickr)