7 Things You Did Not Know About Me


After I was tagged by the main men behind two leading firms (and top-notch bloggers to boot), I could not resist the "7 things you don't know about me" meme. So, in honor of Harry and Dirk, here is my list:

  1. I was born with a trigger thumb. The story goes that Grandma was tracing the outline of my hand and the left thumb just wouldn't straighten all the way. I got surgery and was suited up with a cast which I subsequently used to break my Dad's nose while we were playing (I was less than a year old, gimme a break). That thumb still doesn't go quite straight and I recall being jealous of my double-jointed friends growing up.
  2. I was co-captain of my high school swim team. It was mostly a pity thing - I was the leader of the kids who couldn't swim fast - but still a nice gesture, none the less. It's possible I haven't swam a complete lap since the end of my senior year season.
  3. Due largely to my inability to pick a vocation, I completed a Master's Degree in Contemporary Literary Studies at The University of Lancaster in England. I studied the works of Thomas Pynchon, Tim O'Brien, and Paul Auster, juxtaposed against the literary theory of Roland Barthes. That's 3 American authors and 1 French theorist while studying in England. It didn't make much sense to me either, but kept the student loan wolves from the door for another year. Today, I would be hard-pressed to tell you anything about my studies, despite some very diligent work while I was there.
  4. I was in Westminster Abbey when the September 11 attacks occurred and right outside the gate to 10 Downing Street when first told about them. After I'd completed my Master's dissertation, two of my aunts came to England and we toured around London for a week. I believe the attacks occurred on our third day in the city. I came home for good one week after September 11. I remember noticing that the guns the police carried in Manchester airport were far larger upon my return home than they'd been when I first arrived.
  5. I don't like my fingers to get sticky; never have. That's all.
  6. After England, and before my current time in the Chicago marketing scene, I was firmly entrenched in politics in Washington, DC. I had a blast and wholeheartedly recommend politics, but don't stay forever. Your time in politics should be Hobbesian: nasty, brutish, and short. Go, kick ass, work insane hours, have fun, but leave before you're hard-hearted, ulcered, and about to suffer a heart attack. I saw that in the crystal ball and said "sayonara."
  7. I'm a tad competitive when it comes to Trivial Pursuit. There wasn't much to do where I grew up, so I used to test myself on an old set when I was a kid. My best subject is Art & Literature, though I can pull out some surprising History answers as well. My worst subject is undoubtedly Science & Nature, followed closely by Sports & Leisure.

Whew! Well, there you go. I don't like talking about myself, especially in this forum, but that wasn't so bad.

Here are the folks I am tagging to continue the meme, if you so choose. I hope I get to know these folks (and you!) more in 2009.

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