Free Marketing E-books During A Short Break


After a year and a half of OnlineMarketerBlog, it is time for me to take a short hiatus to focus on my own blog goals and strategies.

As bloggers know and other readers can guess, blog content creation takes much longer than many people think. But I need to take a step back if I want to continue producing quality work that benefits you.

You will see the frequency of posts slow for a short time. I'm not giving up blogging (not by a long shot) - just know that I am working on a plan to provide you with even better, more focused posts aligned with your needs and my goals.

Coming Down The Pike

First, please watch for the posts I do put up in the coming days or weeks. The focus will be likely be different, but don't let that diminish their importance. Please watch for a survey post next week. It would mean a lot to me if you could devote 5 minutes of your time to tell me how I can provide a better experience.

I also intend to release an e-book about marketing during the recession. I think you will find it useful, so keep an eye out for that.

In The Meantime

Though I won't be posting as regularly for a little while, there has been a bonanza of great white papers, reports, and e-books recently. Here are some that I have enjoyed. I hope you do too. (And they're all free.)

  • TNS Global's Digital World, Digital Life (PDF) - This report offers a broad look at social media usage around the world. So much of what I read is focused on America that this fresh take was an eye-opener. If you are involved in any multi-national company, especially if you need social media marketing insights about Asian or Europe, you should read this report.
  • Duct Tape Marketing's Let's Talk: Social Media for Small Business - John provides a great primer if you are new to social media, especially from a small business perspective. But even if you've been in the space for awhile, or are outside the small business world, you can still benefit from this short account of all the basics. (I'm immersed in social media all day, every day and I still got a lot out of this e-book.)
  • David Meerman Scott's Lose Control of Your Marketing - If you haven't read anything by David, stop right now and download this e-book. (I also highly recommend The New Rules of Viral Marketing.) In this latest e-book, he gives fresh insight into one of the most hotly debated subject in social media: ROI. I guarantee that by the time you are done reading, this e-book will be marked with notes and dog-eared - my copy sure is.
  • David Armano's The Collective Is The Focus Group - 2 Davids, 2 great e-books about social media ROI. I recommend reading Scott's and Armano's back-to-back. They are complimentary and will help you think wholistically about your social media strategy. Armano's "Return On Insight" argument is persuasive and he's got the best visuals in the business. Read it today.
  • Chris Penn's The Twitter Power Guide - A lot of people have written decent Twitter introductions (hell, I did it myself). This isn't an introduction - this is the 400-level, real-deal Twitter e-book. If you have been using Twitter for a while and don't need the usual introduction, you must read Chris' e-book. He includes genius-level strategy and instructions for the serious user.
  • MarketingSherpa's 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide excerpt (PDF) - If you've never had the pleasure of reading a MarketingSherpa report, now is the perfect time to start. I was a fan for years before I became an affiliate and honestly think their email benchmark guides are the best in the business. This excerpt is a free sample of some of their findings including multiple graphs and a heatmap. The full reports are expensive, but if you impliment their recommendations, it's totally worth it. (Here's the link for the full report, if you are interested.)

I hope you enjoy these e-books while I am re-focusing. Please do come back for next week's survey and my e-book about marketing during a recession shortly after that. (Subscribing is a good way to never miss a post.)


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