The OnlineMarketerBlog Audience Speaks


A few weeks ago, I asked the readership of this blog to give me their opinions and ideas in the first OnlineMarketerBlog survey. Thankfully, 51 of you took a moment to fill it out.

If you have a similar blog, or if you'd like to know more about the audience of this one, I am summarizing the survey below. I hope you find it useful.

1) What kind of articles interest you the most?


64% of you enjoy instructional articles the most, followed by 30% interested in news and informational posts.

2) What general topics interest you most - social media, marketing, or copywriting?

Respondents could pick more than one answer for this question and many did. 38 enjoyed marketing and 35 enjoyed social media posts. Copywriting had a modest but still substantial 17 supporters.

3) What content changes would you like to see on this blog?

picture-2More posts about marketing and social media led the pack with 24 and 23 votes, respectively. I thought it was interesting that the next two highest vote getters were request to include more up and coming bloggers in my posts, but also more rebuttals to A-list bloggers. As a medium sized blog, perhaps that is one place for me to make a niche - a blog where emerging bloggers are noticed and their collective ideas used to speak to the biggest bloggers?

4) What is going well with the blog and where do I need to improve?

I was prepared for some harsh criticism, but it was refreshing that respondents were honest while still offering constructive criticism. Among the ideas of what's going right:

  • "I liked your coverage of the super bowl"
  • "Provides unique insights and is ahead of the curve"
  • "it's quick, informative and frequent"

And a few comments about improvements I need to make:

  • "there are a few 'me too' posts that don't add to the category of content"
  • "Design of the page"
  • "The blog usually doesn't offer anticipation. In other words, it usually focuses on changing the "now" instead of predicting the future."

In all, it sounded like readers generally enjoyed my posts and that I shouldn't worry that I only post once or twice per week. However, the design of the blog needs work and I should work on more original, forward-looking content. Fair enough!

5) How much do you agree that the ads on the blog are too intrusive?

picture-3Honestly, I expected nearly everyone to say the ads were too intrusive. Instead, almost no one minded the ads. However, instead of being too intrusive, the ads were mostly ignored. Hmm, how to fight banner blindness without splashing advertising on everything...subject for a future post.

6) Have you ever purchased anything from the ads on the blog?

80% said no, but 1 had already bought something and the rest said they might in the future. The MarketingSherpa ads have a tiny audience, but a great commission; almost the opposite for books from Amazon. But any purchases help, that's for sure.

7) There weren't any suggestions for other ads I should feature here, so I'll skip this question...

8 ) Which of these blogs do you read at least once per month?

picture-4If I had to guess the order in which I link to these authors, it would probably go Joseph Jaffe, Mitch Joel, Chris Brogan, Brian at Copyblogger, and Rick at eyecube. As you can see in the above graphic, however, my personal linking had little to do with my reader's habits.

I supposed everyone really does read Seth Godin. I think Seth is good. He's solid. In a sense, that's what I'm going for. But on a "wow your socks off" scale, I'm surprised he's so high.

It's no surprise that Brogan is so high, but I am surprised that Copyblogger is, considering the tepid reaction to copywriting throughout the rest of the survey. And very few readers of Armano and Joel - that was surprising to me.

9) How often do you visit the blog?

Thankfully, most respondents visit either when they're prompted to (meaning subscribe) or about once per week (which fits my posting schedule nicely). 45% visit when they receive RSS or email notification that I have posted and 25% about once per week. Almost 20% said they visited once a month and an eager 7.5% said they visit once per day (doubtful, but appreciated).

10) There wasn't a significant response to my question regarding blog mentors, so I'm tossing that idea. (Everyone who answered was a mentee anyway, which is telling.)

Thanks To All

I sincerely appreciate the time it took for respondents to answer these question. Thanks so much! I will use this survey to provide you with more targeted content - more of what you're looking for, more often. I hope that's alright and I hope you join us back here soon. Thanks!


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(Image courtesy of dno1967 via Flickr)