Are You Winning The Web?

Gyutae Park, who you probably know from Winning the Web, launched an intriguing site this week. It's a paid marketing membership site - a type of site I generally ignore.

Here's why I think Gyutae's program is different:

  • Hard data: Each month, he'll produce a case study for a successful site. I've seen his first example and it is very in-depth.
  • Interviews: 2 interviews per month help you learn from the best.
  • Community: I always like forums where you can interact with like-minded members. It's nice to have a go-to stable of experts and practitioners in your corner.
  • Recession pricing: $27/month for the first 200 members (with the first 50 receiving a personal audit from Gyutae) and $47/month for everyone after that.

I don't normally do recommendation posts like this, but I think this program is different and could help readers of this blog make money. I feel like I can't ignore that community need with many good marketers out of work or struggling to make ends meet.

You can check out this program at The Winner's Circle.

I also think Gyutae's approach is solid. He's smart, proven he knows his stuff (check out his free e-book for proof), and you get your money back if you aren't satisfied.

I think it can help a lot of people realize their marketing goals. Check it out and tell me if it helps you!

(P.S. You will notice that I'm an affiliate in this program. But if you've read this blog before, you know I'm careful about my affiliate relationships. If you're still reading, I trust I haven't steered you in the wrong direction yet.)

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