Why I Do Not Post Every Day


A lot of popular bloggers put up new blog posts everyday. But you might have noticed that I don't - 1-3 times per week, usually. But I haven't explained why I've adopted that frequency.

If you are a blogger (or think you might be in the future), I hope this gives you plenty to think about regarding your own blogging frequency.

Why don't you post every day?

Well, there are a few reasons. Here are the most important:

  • Don't have anything to say: It seems elementary, but for many would-be bloggers, it's not. There is enough cacophony in the blogosphere already. I refuse to add to it if I have nothing useful to say. (Subscribers to this blog know this - they are only notified when I post; never when I don't.)
  • It's already been said: There are a lot of smart bloggers out there. I'm not going to repeat or piggy-back on someone else's good idea. But if you're interested in the good stuff I'm reading, follow me on Twitter. I always tweet about smart articles (feel free to DM me yours, if you think it's really great).
  • Different priorities: Like many bloggers, I juggle a blog with my day job and family responsibilities. Sometimes, I need to devote my blogging time to the day job (even the 5-7am shift). Other times, I feel it is more important to spend time with BG and the dogs.
  • Traveling: Unlike some of the more hard-core bloggers, I usually take travel time as a chance to relax and don't post while I'm gone. For instance, I'm writing this post at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. Our honeymoon is going great, but I thought this would be an appropriate topic with which to break from my norm of abstaining from blogging while away. (That's how much I value you readers...plus BG is taking a nap, so no interference with family time.)

What about you? Have you felt the pressure to post every day? How has that effected your writing? Or, have you changed your blogging frequency for any particular reason?

I'd love to hear from you, even while I'm away. And be sure to take some time off yourself during this summer season. Please look forward to a more regular posting schedule starting next week.

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