5 Under-The-Radar Marketing Bloggers You Should Read


It's useful to follow the big dogs of marketing - the Brogans, the Jaffes, the Godins. But there are a lot of young bloggers with some great ideas about marketing in a web 2.0 world.

These marketers might not be well known (yet) but they will be soon. I wanted to share some of the very best of these under-the-radar marketing bloggers.

  • David Mullen - David's blog is called Communications Catalyst and he tweets at @dmullen. David provides consistent insights with just enough personality to make you feel like you know him.
  • Ryan Stephens - I was first introduced to Ryan with his excellent Six Principles of Influence to Increase Your Sales. With over 6K Twitter followers, Ryan is trusted by many to provide the goods.
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  • Lauren Fernandez - Lauren is the type of blogger you feel guilty for not linking too more. Her blogging is prolific, to say the least (but always true quality), and her tweets show her personality's sparkle. You can really tell the difference of someone fully immersed in PR 2.0 as a natural.
  • Len Kendall - Len and I used to be co-workers (hell, I knew him before I even got the job) and I've always been impressed with his insights. He's a day-in, day-out kind of guy, always bringing the goods on ConstructiveGrumpiness and on Twitter.
  • Jacqueline Wechsler - The author of two blogs - Jax Rant and the new UXThink - this Aussie definitely deserves more attention. (Her tweets are great too.)

I hope you take the opportunity to check out these young marketing bloggers. They have some great ideas and I predict that they will be leaders in the years to come.

Who do you think deserves more attention? Please leave a comment and a link to your favorite under-the-radar marketing blogger. The community (and me in particular!) are always looking for more smart people to read.

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(Image courtesy of RussellJSmith via Flickr)