Career Lessons From A Blind Dog


On Saturday night, BG found a blind, mostly deaf dog in the middle of a street in our neighborhood. If you know us, it shouldn't surprise you that we scooped up the pup immediately.

We nicknamed the dog "Bump" - the sound her head made against the walls as she walked around - and started calling the local no-kill animal shelters. On Sunday, I drove her to the emergency vet to scan for a no avail.

We couldn't take her in and we were pessimistic about finding anyone who would want an old, blind, deaf dog (even one as cute as Bump).

BG and I spent a lot of time online. We emailed our friends, searched out new shelters, posted on Craigslist, and scoured the forums for any mention of a lost dog.

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We'd just about given up hope when I noticed a paper sign taped to a lamp pole featuring a photo of Bump. By that evening, we had reunited her with her rightful owners.

Is There A Moral To The Story? Maybe.

All of the work we did to find Bump's parents online was useless. It took a simple piece of paper on a neighborhood pole to finally make the connection.

You could draw several morals from the story, but I choose this one: The internet can't solve everything.

I spend all day online, doing some pretty exciting stuff. Besides family and friends, online is where I exist for most of you. But sometimes I (read: you) need to get off the computer and live IRL.

What You Can Learn From Bump

I'm normally all business on the blog, but - and I'm blaming all of this on Bump, by the way - I'll succumb to a little sap today.

I hope you take this holiday weekend to unplug. Take a walk. Hug your kids. Go on a picnic.

Most importantly, let the people you love know it.

The internet can't solve all your problems. But family and a cold beer on Labor Day just might. I hope you take time to enjoy it.

P.S. All of the no-kill shelters we contacted accept donations of money and time. They'd love to hear from you:

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