Who Is Your Human? The Power Of Employee Personal Brands


In a recent post, I mentioned that I was struck by a quote from Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels Of Separation in which he discussed the power of the personal brand within a corporate structure.

“[I]t is not about how your business connects and communicates in online channels, it’s about how you (or your employees) as an individual build, nurture, and share personal brands. A company is no longer made up of anonymous people building one brand; rather, it is made up of many personal brands that are telling your one corporate-brand story in their own, personal, ways.” (page 126)

I encourage you to read the whole post found on Experience Matters.

In it, I explain why employee' s personal brands can be a great boon within a corporate structure, how to properly support employees in their marketing of your company, and why you should consider using employee personal brands to your advantage.

How big are your employee brands? Potentially bigger than your company. Again from Joel:

"I was not afraid to be told that I was an idiot for thinking that individuals would soon have personal brands that would rival even the biggest corporate brands out there..." (page 213)

Is it possible? Maybe so.

I really enjoyed writing this piece and think it could be quite helpful to a lot of people. Do check it out.

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