Here's To The Rabble-Rousers


I failed last week.

I got into a big argument over a project I'm doing on the side. That's not the big failure though.

The big failure is that it took this long to have the fight. I'd acquiesced and tried to find parity and compromise. I had grown too tired too quickly of defending my ideas which, after so much work, have proven prescient.

My strategy was sound, but I hesitated.

It doesn't matter that the ideas were correct. Because I didn't fight for those ideas, they're long gone.

So, here's how I hope to ensure this never happens again. I'm making a public pledge today - to you and to other marketers who may fall into the same trap.

I pledge to offend the status quo for the good of my clients.

I promise to be a change agent, even though I may be blamed for the painful symptoms during that change.

I will ruffle feathers. I will not shut up.

If it's good for my client, I will spit on the path of least resistance.

I will be a rabble-rouser.

The client may not accept my ideas, but those ideas are what they're paying for. To give anything less would be tantamount to stealing their money.

Have you ever felt like this? What did you do to get yourself back on the right path?

Could you make this same pledge? Is there anything you would add? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below.

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(Image courtesy of damian 78 via Flickr)