MarketingProfs Digital Mixer Was Definitely A Different Kind Of Conference


Last week I attended the MarketingProfs Digital Mixer here in Chicago. It was, in short, a fantastic event.

I've written about it in detail on Experience Matters (Critical Mass' blog). I really encourage you to read it.

The information provided and connections made were great. But this conference went beyond that. In fact, it's become something of a living, growing thing. Connections are still being made. Attendees are still pouring over presentations and research reports that were shown.

Here's a short quote from my post:

Now, conferences have to be more. Your attendees expect it. What they’re buying isn’t just a ticket or a rubber chicken lunch – what they’re buying is access and an experience that continues long after the conference ends.

I hope you take a moment to read the post at Experience Matters.

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(Image courtesy of brilliantvideo via Flickr)