Last Chance To Support Movember

I don't often talk about non-marketing-related subjects, but this is too important to pass up. I'm raising money in support of men's health issues by growing a mustache - or "mo" - this November Movember. Check out the video below or on YouTube to learn more about this effort.

My goal is to raise $610 dollars - that's a dollar for every man who dies each week from prostate cancer. Help me raise funds to fight prostate and testicular cancer:

1 in 6 men is diagnosed with prostate cancer, so if you are a dude, or love or know a dude, it's important that you help. All money that you donate goes to The Prostate Cancer Foundation and The Lance Armstrong Foundation. So, you know that you're supporting good folks doing good work.

I've raised almost $300 thus far and my team is also doing great. But I need your help today to reach my goal.

Show some love for the bros growin' mos. And thank you.

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