Facebook Fan Page

I'd happy to announce that OnlineMarketerBlog now has a dedicated fan page on Facebook. I hope you take a moment to join.

Why should you sign up as a fan? Here are a few reasons:

  • It's where you are. You're on Facebook anyway. Now you can get some OMB goodness without that pesky CTRL+T.
  • It's going to be your one-stop shop. Facebook will soon feature a robust email system. Functionality is going to expand as Mark Zuckerman plots to waste even more of your work day. Now OMB comes wrapped in with the rest of that goodness.
  • No Farmville. Ever. Or Mafia Wars. Or pokes (what the hell is that anyway). Just strategic marketing posts with no B.S.

I hope you join the fan page. I look forward to our future conversations! Harness the power of The Book (H/T @UhhYeahDude).

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(Image courtesy of Shazari via Flickr)