Was Gone But Back Again

You might have noticed I've been absent from the blog for a little while. That's true, but I'm here today to tell you I'm back.

Why did I take a break? There were several reasons.

  1. Blog burnout: It's a very real thing. I've been writing OMB for over two years. And non-bloggers would find it surprising how taxing it is to come up with topics and get writing time every single week. I just needed a mental break.
  2. Day job priorities: I have been doing some pretty awesome stuff for Critical Mass that I hope one day to share here. These tasks required more mental bandwidth and something had to give. But I've gotten over a hump and expect to turn more attention back to the blog.
  3. Law school is a bitch: Not for me, for BG. With her in law school, I was not only in charge of the dogs and trash, but laundry, shopping, sweeping, cleaning...and that's cool. I'm happy to support her work. But her schedule has leveled a bit to where things are more balanced now - allowing me more time to write.
  4. I was a bitch: To paraphrase Dean Wormer: annoyed, angry, and pissed off is no way to go through life. I found myself with no patience for other marketing bloggers and quick to snap at anyone. I didn't want that to come out in my writing and I didn't want that unhealthiness in my life. (I'm calmer now...not sure why.)
  5. On the internet, no one can hear you blog: Let's face it: one guy not blogging isn't front-page news. Most of my traffic is from search engines and I don't have a cult following (I don't lose sleep about this, trust me). Anyway, I figured if I needed a break, few tears would be shed.

This is all to say...I'm back!

What's this mean for you? Well, I hope you'll subscribe to the blog. Don't forget to also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes (search for OnlineMarketerBlog) or click the button at the top of the center column.

(And if you need more reading material than I can provide, check out books I recommend.)

I will be back with more blog posts, including some cool book reviews and maybe a couple of video podcasts. I hope you'll stick around.

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