Facebook grows up

It's rough being an internet superstar. For one, no one leaves you alone. If you're swamped in all of the Facebook-centric news of late, this round-up should help: First, every cool new kid has to deal with the most popular kid in school:

Facebook opens back end to user-developed apps; MySpace responds “Us too!” (Except Facebook apps can sell crap.) Psychographic Ads on Facebook; MySpace responds “Us too!”

Then the snarkiness ensues:

MySpace owner Murdoch says Facebook not worth $15B. Experts say Facebook might be worth $10B, but also worry Web 2.0 sky might be falling. More experts resort to questioning whether there is enough space on the web to handle both Facebook and MySpace, despite years of already doing so.

The cool new kid starts to notice girls:

Facebook wants to grow up, become LinkedIn, wins popularity contest, declares independence.

Finally, the girls start to notice the cool new kid:

Microsoft, playing coy, pleads non-interest in Facebook. But, of course, they are and the two fall in lurve.

And that, dear friends, is how a company slated to do $150 MILLION dollars of revenue in 2007 ends up being valued at $15 BILLION dollars. Incredible.